Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Continent Resources

Even though I believe the fun, magical part of technology integration happens at the higher end of Bloom's thinking skills, there are times when the work needs to be done at the lower levels first. My son's homework involved studying the names of the 7 continents. I thought, surely there must be some way to integrate technology into this practice, to help him UNDERSTAND and REMEMBER? Here are my favorite on-line games to do this:

All of these on-line games would work well for individuals to learn/practice/review. They could be projected for the whole class, using the mouse to manipulate items OR with an interactive whiteboard or tablet.

Play Kids Games - Find Continents
There are written questions at the top, such as "Where is Asia?". Click on a colorful world map to answer. I wish it had a voice asking the questions as well.

Play Kids Games - Continent Names
Click and drag the continent name onto its correct spot on a colorful map. Again, a verbal cue would have been helpful.

Sheppard Software

Different levels, beginning with a tutorial - click on continent and oceans to learn name. Level 1 - Click on correct continent or region. Level 2 - Drag continent or ocean (like a puzzle piece) onto map. Personally, I think Level 2 is easier than Level 1! Level 3 - Type the continent or ocean name.

Drag and drop the continent names onto a map.

Kids National Geographic - Copycat

A "Simon" like game using the 7 continents. Have students say name aloud to help them learn where the continents are and distinguish which one is which.

Anyone know of any others?


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