Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Tried Sqworl!

Have you heard of Sqworl? is one place you can go to organize your favorite websites in one place. What I like about Sqworl is that it includes a visual of the home page of the website you marked. I think for our little students, who might not be able to read as well, this would be helpful. I bet those student would likely remember what their favorite web page looked like. I also like that this set of websites is then given a short URL. You only need to bookmark this ONE website address in your lab or computers in your room, or share this ONE website address with your parents.

Check out my Sqworl for storybooks on-line! I think it could be used during a literacy block, in a listening center or during the Daily 5!

Hope you find this helpful!



  1. Very handy - thanks! I use a lot of these same sites during a literacy station. It would help to have them set up in an organized way.

  2. Sqworl is makes it very easy for some of my kiddos!

    Heather's Heart