Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Add This To Math List

I knew I forgot a resource last time! It was really bugging me, too! And there it was the whole time, sitting on a sticky note on my computer desktop! Saw it today when I was "cleaning up", which really means copying and pasting notes/ideas from all my sticky notes to a word doc I have called "Sticky Notes"! I probably need a better system...anyway, check out:

Primary Resources Number Board

This is an awesome way to visually demonstrate expanded notation. Click on/select parts of a big number to build it. This clearly shows kids how to say big numbers, such as 3,628: 3 thousand, 6 hundred, twenty, eight. It is easy to see what each digit represents. I wish you could type in number vs. clicking on it. I wish there was an audio component. Yet, I am still going to use this. It would be neat on an IWB, with the kids at their desks writing numbers on paper or small whiteboards! It does require Adobe ShockwaveFlash.


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