Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog Challenge! Animal Photos = Writing Prompts

I have stumbled across a fantastic idea! Everyone loves fun animal photos, right? They are perfect for writing prompts, yes?

Well, Larry Ferlazzo has started a blog challenge that exemplifies the power of sharing and inspiration that blogs, twitter, and even Pinterest have! Inspired by similar ideas from his PLN, Larry is asking teachers to submit a photograph that would be perfect to use in a "What is this animal saying or thinking?" activity. (I immediately thought of 6 Traits of Writing - Voice lessons)  You must hop over to his blog here and see the awesome picture of a koala bear that got him started. Larry has contributed two pictures of his own dogs. Now, the challenge begins - can you find a picture to contribute?

Here is a link to a picture of a silly cat I found that I think would be great, too!
I found that photo on Pinterest, and it took me to a photo sharing site I hadn't heard of before now. I am not sure about its copyright, so I am not including the actual photo here.

Speaking of Pinterest, I know I have seen several teachers creating Pinboards of photographs, creating writing prompts in the comment section. What a fabulous idea! If you know of any such Pinboards, please leave a comment below for all of us to easily find. I think I am going to start one now, titled "What Is This Animal Thinking?"!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm your newest follower. I like the idea of using funny animal photos for captions/writing sparks. I know I have seen people post photos similar to what you are mentioning. If you go on Pinterest, search for funny animals. When the search results pop up, click on 'boards'.

  2. I have my student so the same type of thing through my classroom website blog. We call it I wonder. I post a picture and they tell me what they wonder is happening in the photo. I have a pintrest board dedicated to fun picts. I find.

    1. I just found all your boards - they are awesome. You have some great pictures on your "Wonder" board. I will definitely use some of them as writing prompts next year when I am back in my second grade classroom. Thanks for sharing!